Mystikal Released from Prison

Michael L. Tyler,36, better known as the Grammy-nominated rapper Mystikal, was reportedly released from Prison on January 11, 2007, after serving 3 years (of a 6 year sentence) for forcing his hairstylist to perform oral sex acts on him and his associates as repayment for stealing $80,000 worth of checks which she denied having taken. I don't care what ya'll say that nukka is sexy as hell....make me wanna "Shake it fast!"

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons confirmed that New Orleans rapper Mystikal was "released" last week, fans of the rapper may be disappointed.

Mystikal"s "released" status is correct, but it is related to a federal misdemeanor tax conviction last year.
Mystikal was "released," because he served one year of a different sentence concurrently, after he was convicted in Jan. of 2006 for two misdemeanor tax violations.

He was sentenced to the additional year for failing to report almost $2 million in earnings from 1998-1999.

Mystikal, born Michael L. Tyler, is still incarcerated and serving a six-year sentence at Louisiana state prison, Elayne Hunt Correctional Facility. After pleading guilty to extortion and sexual battery charges.

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