Sheeeeeeee's Back!! Fox boogie that is!

Foxy is back with her new single "Up Jumps da Boogie"

Blast it or smash it?

New video by Marques
Houston "Circle"

What do you think? Blast it or smash it?

Beyonce' Photo shoot for Alexei Hay

There is no denying that bey is a beautiful woman but I'mma need her to get some new poses...Uuuumkay? Thanks!

Don't get mad! Don't get even! Take "em to Court

Paris Hilton may be making her way back to court, this time to sue a website.

The legal action will reportedly concern a new website launched on January 23, 2007, that is providing access to personal items belonging to the hotel empire heiress. The items include personal pictures, diaries, and contacts....including the cell phone numbers of Paris’s friends.

According to InTheNews, website creator Bardia Persa obtained the items after Paris failed to make payments at a Los Angeles storage facility. The items were turned over to a broker and Ms. Persa is said to have picked up the items at an auction for around $2,300. Ms. Persa is offering access to the items at for a subscription fee of $40 per month. Items on offer also include sex tapes, love letters from Nick Carter, and taped telephone conversations.

Don’t sign up too quickly, though. Paris is reportedly trying to shut the website down. “We certainly are going to explore all of our legal options about this matter,” said her spokesperson Elliot Mintz. If they succeed, which is quite likely, subscriptions will end and you may just be out 40 bones. Dayum ya'll why not just pay your storage bill. It's not like you don't have the money!

Apparently, all is Well In Diddy Land

Diddy and Kim Porter spotted out and about at the Sundance film Festival. Kim looks great too. Can you believe this woman just gave birth to twins? (yeah, I'm hatin' again)

Will Smith: Quickly becoming the hardest working man in show biz

Fresh off of the success of "the Pursuit Of Happiness", Oscar nominee Will Smith is seen on the set of "I Am Legend," which is being filmed underneath the Brooklyn Bridge in New York, on Jan. 23, 2007. Smith plays the last person in New York, who has to deal with nightly attacks from the rest of the world - all of which has been transformed into bloodthirsty vampires. I really like Will, but I'll be waiting for this to come out on DVD.

Doesn't anyone know how to exit a car properly?

Another celeb caught by the camera exposing her not so "secret" place. Doesn't anyone know how to exit a vehicle the proper way? Now this gown is long enough that she could've gotten away with the "hike up" had she not hiked it up quite so high. I personally don't care to see anyone's girdles , or support hose or whatever it is she is wearing. As with everything, there is always a bright least she is wearing panties and not putting her coochie on display like some celebs...*ahem, ahem* Mrs. Fedderline.

Click here to see who made this not so graceful exit.

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