Maia, Maia, Maia!!!!

Lilo goes to rehab and she needs to take Maia right along with her.

Click here for the uncensored verson

Rumors have been circulating for a minute that Maia Campbell is on that stuff. While I am unable to either confirm on deny those rumors, this video proves that the girl is on something! Who sits on the toilet , breastisis, all exposed, singing while being videotaped? I mean really! Granted, her mom did die a few months ago and that may have sent her spiraling deeper out of control (which would take a lot because the hoe was already pretty far gone) But Maia girl, get you some help Pronto! Your friends need their asses kicked for letting you self-destruct this way!! You are such a beautiful girl too!! What a waste *bows head in a moment of silence for Maia in hopes that she gets her act together and pourin' out a little liquor while I'm at it*

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