Usher's Wife Tameka Released From Hospital after Coma

Usher's Wife Tameka Released From Hospital After Coma

Usher's wife Tameka Foster has left hospital in Brazil.

Foster, 38, checked into the Sao Rafael Hospital on Feb. 6 for a "simple liposuction," Ellen Dastry, spokeswoman for plastic surgeon Silvio Stermanm, told the Associated Press last week.

Foster went into cardiac arrest while being anesthetized, "but was revived in less than a minute by heart massage," Dastry adds. She was then placed in an induced coma before being taken to the intensive-care unit, a procedure Dastry said was "absolutely normal" and performed in order to "avoid unnecessary complications."

She was then transferred to Sirio-Libanes Hospital, considered one of the best in Brazil.

Tameka was released from the Sirio-Libanes Monday night, a spokesman said. At the family's request, no further details were available from the medical facility. Usher's rep had no comment.

Hopefully Tameka will realize how close she actually came to dying. After what happened to Kanye's mom, I hope Tameka has realized that if she wants to lose a couple of extra pounds, she needs to do it the old fashioned way instead of going for the quick fix.

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