PIMP DOWWWWWWN! Comedian Katt Williams Committed to Mental Hospital

PIMP DOWWWWWWN! Comedian Katt Williams Committed to Mental Hospital

Katt Williams was committed to a mental hospital on Friday after family members became alarmed by his erratic behavior. Katt arrived in Sumter less than a week after being arrested on weapons charges in New York, and being a no-show for a scheduled November 4 appearance on “Late Night with Conan O’Brien.”

Soon after his arrival at the Mount Vernon Inn, motel employees became alarmed after seeing Williams wandering the property early in the morning, clad in just a bathrobe and a towel wrapped around his head.

When police arrived Williams allegedly asked for directions to the nearest hospital, and was allowed to leave since no crime had taken place.

Instead of the hospital, local attorney Garryl Deas reported that a paranoid Williams appeared at his law firm at 9:00 AM seeking assistance.

The Ohio native claimed the police had “violated his rights” and other unknown parties were conspiring against him.

“His demeanor was a little troubled, disoriented,” Deas told The Item newspaper. “He just said that he doesn’t trust anyone anymore. [That] everyone has turned against him. He wasn’t really coherent.”

Two family members then arrived, pleading with Williams to come with them to seek medical attention.

Williams allegedly rebuffed them. The family members subsequently returned at 12:00 PM, with deputies under orders to escort the comedian/actor to the nearest mental health facility.

Although vocally adamant about not going, Williams reportedly did not physically resist the intervention.

According to South Carolina law, an individual can only be committed if he or she is viewed as a risk to commit murder or suicide.

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