Up to His Old Tricks, Sug Knight Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend

Up to His Old Tricks, Sug Knight Arrested For Beating His Girlfriend

43-year-old Marion "Suge" Knight was arrested on charges of assault with a deadly weapon, possession of a controlled substance, possession of dangerous drugs without a prescription and battery domestic violence.
Law enforcement tells us Suge allegedly attacked his girlfriend of three years early this morning.

She claims he punched her in the back of the head while they were driving. She claims she tried getting out of the car, and grabbed the steering wheel to cause an accident so someone would notice her peril.

The car struck the curb and stopped. She fled from the car and Suge allegedly
chased her, caught her jumped on top of her, got up kicked her in the head and continued to beat her while swinging a knife.

That's when the cops came they had to teaser Suge it is unclear if they had to draw their weapons. Suge Knight has since posted the $19,000 bond and is out again on bail left to terrorize the neighborhood another day.

Now Sug just got knocked the fuck out earlier this year. Did he not learn anyting or maybe he's going to need a more thorough azz-whupping in order to make him change his ways. I don't know why any girl would want to be with Sug. They know what type of terror he is.  Maybe it was the love, maybe it was the money in any event, hopefully that beat down is the catalyst that makes his girl leave him for good!

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