Rick Ross' "Be Out Day" Ends In Gun Fire

Second Annual Rick Ross "Be Out Day" Ends In Gun Fire

Rick Ross' second annual Be Out Day sponsored by Rick Ross Charities, Inc. was supposed to be about positivity, voter registration, and helping the kidz - apparently some fools didn't get the memo because the event was interrupted by gunfire.

At around 4:24 p.m. fights and gunfire broke out at Carol City Park. FloRida was performing when the bullets started to fly. Just moments before, a couple of dudes wearing "Fuck FloRida" tee shirts had stormed the stage only to be removed by security. Fortunately Flo got lowlowlowlolow enough to dodge the bullets and was unharmed.

Police have confirmed that several eople were in injured in the melee. They have no suspects as of yet.

We just don't know how to act sometimes.  

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