Calling all Groupies and Diggera....Ummm I mean Ladies, Ray J Wants You!

Calling All Groupies and Diggers...Ummm I mean Ladies, Ray J Wants You!

VH! has announced that Ray J will be getting his own reality show ala "Flavor Of Love". Apparently they're just giving away shows these days.  Snoop, Luke,now Ray J.

Ray J may be one of the most infamous playboys in hip-hop,  even though his so called "sex tape" with Kim Kardashian has made him a hot commodity, he still hopes to find that special woman he can settle down with … and VH1 is going to help!

 The “Sexy Can I” singer is getting his own dating show in 2009, and producers are already looking for smart, attractive women over 21 who think they can handle the drama of celebrity life. 

If you’re near one of the following locations, e-mail for an audition! Here’s your chance to roll down the red carpet with Ray J!"

 If I wasn't such a fuckin' lady, I might have to audition myself to see what's really good with Mr. Ray J. I know at leas two chicks that will most likely be sick about this. Whitney and Lil Kim Fo sho!

Miami (

Chicago (

Las Vegas (

New York (

Dallas (

Houston (

Oklahoma City (

Los Angeles (

2 comments: to “ Calling all Groupies and Diggera....Ummm I mean Ladies, Ray J Wants You!

  • MiMi
    August 25, 2008 at 10:24 AM  

    lol girl you know you ain't no lady, stop lying! I almost had to beat a bitch down this weekend girl you should've been there. What's been up with you? Your ass must have a new lover. I've taken a lova myself. we have to hookup. I may have a little something something over my spot. call me!

  • KizzDaLipz
    August 27, 2008 at 1:08 PM  

    shut it up! What you mean to tell me the diva was out there wildin out?
    I'll call you tonight!

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