Those Spears chicks Stay On The Grind. Jaime Lynn spears and Baby Maddie cover Okay Magazine.

Those Spears chicks Stay On The grind

jamie Lynn Spears cover Ok Magazine with her new born daughter Maddie. You may remember that Ok Magazine first confirmed jaime Lynn's pregnancy when her momager Lynn Spears sold the story to them. Now the 16 year old and her baby are plastered on this months issue. Undoubtedly for another paycheck since Brittany isn't bringing home the bacon like she used to. Just a few shot months ago jaime lynn was quoted as saying that she wants a normal life for her babay away from the spotlight . She doesn't want Maddie to be in the limelight at all. Ummm Way to keep her out of the public eye by have her be the cover story on a tabloid Magazine Jaime. and since when did it become "cool and fashionable for a 16 year old to become pregnant anyway?

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