Method Man Says Soulja Boy Is Garbage

Method Man Says Soulja Boy Is Garbage "The Lil' N*gga Sucks"

Method man did an audio interview with Phoenix Az, Nutz in the Morning crew. When asked how he feels about the state of Hip Hop Meth says , Ice T being an O-G shouldn't even address some body like Soulja Boy but he felt that it was his duty to address it for the love of hip hop. He says that Soulja Boy was put out there like he was the truth and he's not when he has no life experiences to even go up against somebody like Nas or Lil Wayne for that matter. He then says don't hate on the "lil' Nigga" Congratulate him but is quick to let it be known that he isn't defending Soulja boy because he thinks "the nigga suck. 'He's garbage" according to Meth
Is it just me or does these old ass men need to leave that lil' boy alone. He's marketing his songs to kids his age and they seem to love it so let him do him. Not everyone needs to come out talking about slangin', bangin', Pimping, hoes, bitches, fucking and sucking and what not. Shoot, he's 16.....just let the boy be a kid because apparently he is doing something right, he even had my old azz (compared to him) cranking dat soulja boy. lmao! Youuuuuuuuuuu!!!!!!

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