Is Cash Money's Baby The Next to Lose His Home?

Is Cash Money's Baby The Next to Lose His Home?

Word on the street is that Cash Money Co-Founder Bryan “Baby/Birdman” Williams is losing his home.

Sources say that Baby has just received notice that his homewill be hitting the auction block on July 31 at 12 noon, with bids starting at $598,500.

The property, located at 8 Bonita Bay Court is said to be a single family home featuring many luxurious amenities. A search for more information on the property revealed Ronald Williams’ (Baby’s brother and co-founder of Cash Money) name as the resident.

There has been no statements issued by the "Cash Money" Camp,

I don't get it? These folks make millions and can throw all kinds of parties on the daily but can't pay their mortgages? Now I do feel for the people who are losing their homes due to the subprime debacle but this is a whole' nother story. Handle business first (and paying the mortgage is definitely BUSINESS) and then party , drink, smoke, make it rain or do whatever it is that you do.

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