2008 Espy AwardsWas The Place to Be For Groupies Trying To Catch a Balla

2008 Espy Awards :A Groupie's Haven For  Those Chicks Trying to Snag a Balla

The 2008 Espy Awards was held  yesterday at the Nokia Theater in LA.  The show, Hosted by Justin Timberlake was a groupie's Haven.  Ballers, shot callers and the who's who among the sports world gathered to honor the best of the best.  Ashanti, Samule Jackson, Fergie,  Julius, "Dr J" Irving, Braylon Edwards *lip lick*, Carmelo Anthony and Lala,Kevin Garnette , Kobe, Brett Favre and  Lisa Leslie  are just a few of the people in attendance.   A groupie's dream 
for those diggin' chicks whose purpose in life is to snag themselves a balla and live the glamorous life.
Kg An his wife Brandi look so cute together. and Nicole Murphy stay Killin' them young chicks( and she's dayum near forty if she isn't already) LAla...No comment.  I'm trying to be nice today!  

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