Video Stills: Cassie Taps Lil' Wayne For "Official Girl" Video

Cassie and Lil Wayne "Official Girl" Video Stills

Preparing for the release of her sophomore LP, Cassie taps Lil wayne to lay down a verse or two for her upcoming single "Offiical Girl". Not Only is Weezy featured on the song, but he is featured in the video as well.

Explaining about Wayne's involvement on the video and the single, Cassie said that she wasn't the one who should get the credit, stating that it was all P. Diddy's effort. "Puff surprised me with it. (I bet that isn't all Puff surprised you with)He laid the verse. I had no idea. I got on the phone and said, 'Thank you.' It's great. With how he's doing now ... he's platinum today, and he decided on his platinum day to be here with me. It's great. He's one of the best rappers out right now."

The Singer also revealed the details about her upcoming clip. Cassie said, "It's a series of things. You kind of catch me in a crazy-girl stage. It's about the fly chick, she's going into the hotel, feeling out her situation, talking to the guy who she thinks is there, but it's really not. You have to see it. It's hard to explain."

"For me, it meant being with somebody, (P DIDDY))but not really being with them( P DIDDY) and wanting their confirmation and wanting them to say it out loud: 'I want to be your official girl. ( P DIDDY) "She also added, "I've had a past experience with it. ( Still going through it with( DIDDY, we know ya'll fuckin') You get through it, but it's sort of challenging when you're in that matrix and trying to figure things out.(If DIDDY really wants you or if he's just HITIN IT) Then you realize at the end if the person (P DIDDY) wants to be with you, and it's about how you feel and how you want it to be." (YOU WANT P DIDDY TO CLAIM YOU, We know that, we aren't stupid.)

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