Rihanna and Chris Brown Still not dating...Yeah Right!

Rihanna and Chris Brown, Still Not Dating? Yeah Right!

Rihanna(I'm lovin those shoes by the way) and her "Friend" Chris Brown were spotted doing a little grocery shopping out in West Hollywood yesterday. The couple tried hard not to appear to be together but they know you can't mess with that extra wide, super zoom lens. Now I can understand them not wanting folks all up in the business, but you ain't gotta lie to kick it.  Chris knows he is just dying to spill the beans *eyeroll* though Rih Rih is still playing it a bit too coy, During a recent interview on the Russ Parr Morning Show Chris Said, “Our relationship is growing. We started off as friends and we’re getting a little bit closer now.” shooting down claims that they are just friends with benefits, insisting that makes them sound “cheap.”
Chris quickly added, “But I don’t want to let down all my girlfriends, so all the ladies out there, I still love y’all!” Yeah... Way to clean that up lest his female stans start hating and stop supporting him. At least he's talking about it unlike Rih rih, who needs to take a cue from Beyonce' and refuse to commen..don't lie !

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