R Kelly Witness Lisa Van Allen, Is She credible? You Be The Judge

R Kelly Witness, Lisa Van Allen, Is She Credible? You be The Judge

The case against R Kelly is largely based on the testimony of Lisa Van Allen, a 27 year old wife and mother from Georgia. Some have argued that She is only testifying to gain leniency in sentencing for her fiance' Yul Brown who was arrested on charges of drug possession and illegally possessing an Ak-47 and because her attempts to extort more money from R Kelly came to an end. Brown faced up to 22 years in prison , but received probation. Defense suggested prosecutors interceded on his behalf in exchange for her testimony in the Kelly trial. Van Allen and Brown deny this stating "We paid for a great attorney" Whether I had a gun charge or not it had nothing to do with the testimony."

Van Allen testified she met Kelly while working as an extra in his "Home Alone" video in 1997. He allegedly invited her to his on-set trailer, where the two talked and then had sex.

She eventually moved to Chicago to be with Kelly, who was married. She joined him on a two-month concert tour, in which he would "pick" her from the audience each night and pull her up on stage to have simulated sex with him.

Kelly introduced her to the alleged victim in late 1998 and told her that the girl was 16, Van Allen testified. On the night they met, Kelly brought them to his log cabin-themed basement, set up a video camera and recorded a three-way sexual encounter, she said.

A year later, Kelly brought the teens back to his house and filmed them having group sex on a futon mattress placed on Kelly's indoor basketball court, she said. Van Allen wept as she testified that during the filming she began crying and the singer angrily accused her of ruining the recording.

"He got upset," she said, wiping away tears. "He said he couldn't watch that. He couldn't do anything with me crying."

By 2001, Van Allen said she returned to Atlanta but remained in contact with Kelly. When he traveled to Georgia later that year, they spent the weekend shopping and having sex, she said. She also admitted stealing a diamond watch from him valued at $20,000 during the visit.

"Before I ended up leaving, I took a Rolex watch from him," she said.

Van Allen said she knew Kelly had been indicted in June 2002 for a sex tape featuring the teen. However, she says she kept quiet because she was preoccupied with the birth of her first child.

In March 2007, she says she contacted Kelly about a videotape she had of the threesome.

Van Allen testified that she took the tapes from the singer's duffel bag without his knowledge.

"He carried [the bag] everywhere with him," she said. "Wherever he was at, the bag would follow."

After telling Kelly she took the tape, the singer flew her to Chicago and put her up in a hotel near his Olympia Fields mansion, Van Allen said. She said she told him she didn't have the video with her, and he offered to pay her $250,000 to secure it.

Van Allen testified that in a separate meeting with Kelly's business manager, Derrel McDavid, she and an acquaintance were paid $20,000 apiece for the tape. McDavid, a longtime Kelly associate, denied her allegations Monday evening, calling Van Allen an "admitted thief and liar" in a statement.

Kelly's team contends Van Allen tried to extort money from Kelly this month during a meeting with defense attorney Sam Adam Jr. and hinted she would switch her story for the right price. According to the defense, Brown said the couple had a $350,000 book deal in the works and it was time Kelly "made things right."

Under intense questioning during cross-examination, Van Allen said she and Brown told Adam they would only tell the truth.

"The truth is Robert Kelly is a pedophile," she said. "So you don't want the truth."

I think that she has ulterior motives and should be put on trial alongside Kellz. If she had a threesome with them more than once, then she was with a minor as well. She may have been underaged for the first one but during at least one of those trysts she would've been considered an adult. Why wait 6 years to come forth? The birth of the baby is no excuse unless she was pregnant for 6 years straight. I also think that the proscution did intervene on her fiance's behalf. Please, we all know the legal system will jump at the bit to put a black man behind bars...especially one with a drug and a gun charge, Ak-47 assault rifle at that? Ain't no way in hell that he will get off with just probation unless someone intervened.

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