Dr Dre' Is Back, Snoop Dogg Confirms New Album

Dr Dre' Is Back, Snoop Dogg Confirms New Album

West Coast rap legend Snoop Dogg recently revealed that he recorded tracks for Dr. Dre´s highly anticipated album “Detox”.

"That record is real it's coming," Snoop Dogg said during an interview on Big Boy's Neighbourhood. "You know me, I was starting to doubt it myself and then I went up in there and he played so much music for me it knocked my head off."

Furthermore the Doggfather said that Dre´s album is finished and the Doctor is selecting tracks for the set now.

"I see what he got them waiting for, it's on and poppin," Snoop Dogg said. "He got records, he got heat."

The legendary producer will also produce Snoop Dogg´s upcoming album. "Yea he's doing my next album. I got the title and everything," Snoop confirmed.

I just hope he comes hard like he did on The Chronic. Loved it! LOVED IT!!!! In my opinion, Snoop Dogg hasn't been hot since he The Chronic and DoggyStyle Now he's corny as hell. He needs to put the pimp cup down and take it back to the fake gangsta shyt he used to do.

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