Chicago Rapper Twista blasts father Pfleger, For Being A Hypocrite

Chicago Rapper Twista blasts father Pfleger, For Being A Hypocrite

*Chicago rapper Carl Terrel Mitchel, Better known as "Twista" is grinning hard at the recent fate of Pastor Michael Pfleger, who was temporarily removed Tuesday from his post at St. Sabina church for making fun of Sen. Hillary Clinton in a sermon that ended up on YouTube.

As punishment for his remarks during a guest stint at Sen. Barack Obama's former church, Trinity United Church of Christ, Pfleger was banned from his predominantly-black Catholic church for two weeks by the Cardinal, and Twista couldn't be happier.

The artist points out in a statement that Pfleger used funds raised in his Chicago church to erect billboards across the city criticizing rap lyrics, specifically targeting Twista among other rappers. Pfleger also saw to it that Twista was removed from a McDonald's tour by contacting the fast food chain and complaining about the rapper's lyrics.

Twista's stated:

"Do unto others as you would have others do unto you. Just last summer Father Pfleger said my words was trash to the community and I didn't deserve to be on the McDonalds tour. It's crazy how the tables turned in just under a year.

Father Pfleger's own words and opinions of Mrs. Clinton came In the worst way and now he expects for the world and his church to give him a full acceptance. Do you think its right that he apologizes and gets away with his words? Did he really lose anything? I lost a multi million dollar contract, he embarrassed and disgraced my name in public by his billboards calling my music trash. He even went as far as getting Bill O'Reilly to get on TV to diss me as well, and not once did he ever call me or even ask me my opinion of my views and music.

All it took was the young generation to expose him of his true colors, big shout out to for putting him on blast. Mr. Pfleger is in a much stronger position than I am. I represent the streets and hip-hop while he is a representative of God and I feel like he should have been a little more careful of his words too. I don't look for any apologies from him, McDonalds, or even little Bill O'Reilly. I keep it street and 100 by saying 'LOOK WHO'S CALLING THE KETTLE BLACK'."

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