Bey and Jay get Marriage Advice from who?

Guess Who's Giving Bey and Jay Marriage Advice?

In light of their recent nuptials, the newly wedded Beyonce Knowles and Shawn"Jay-Z" Carter" is receiving marriage advice from a rather unlikely source..... Snoop Dogg! "I told them to go home and make babies," Snoop told reporters at the Dodge Celebrity Event in Rosamond, Calif. "They should, that's the next step as far as marriage, having kids ... add on to the family, so hopefully that's what they'll do."

When asked if he'd be planning on adding to his already full nest, he shook his head, grinning. "No. I'm good." Snoop's key to lasting marriage?

"Communication, and being able to fight and get back up," he says. "To have misunderstanding and [then] get some understanding."

Move over Dr. Phil, Snoop, who has three children with his wife of ten years, may be the next advice guru to hit the scene.

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