Ray J Stay Keeping A chick or Two Doesn't He?

Ray J Stay Keeping a Chick or Two Doesn't He?

Ray J and Lil" Kim were spotted getting cozy after dining together over the weekend. I don't know what it is about Ray but women seem to love him. I'm amazed, not only at his ability to pull chicks but to pull chicks that are 10 and 20 years his senior. I won't deny the fact that he's a cutie but he's a cutie in a cornball sort of way. I'd be willing to take one for the team though just to see what exactly Ray has that keeps these women coming back. I saw the "sex" tape *rolls eyes* of him and Kim K and his tongue skills were not all that, Hell he couldn't even get that right because he was more interested in looking at himself in the camera and from what little I can remember, neither was his "other skills" . Now I know he's not still pulling chicks off the strength of his One (now 2) semi hit records. Ya'll know a girl loves a man that can sang!

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