Naomi Campbell On the set of Ugly Betty

Naomi "will smack a ho in a second and then hit the bitch up-side the head with a cell phone" Campbell
On The Set Of "Ugly Betty"

English supermodel Naomi Campbell has been speaking about how she hit a ball so hard while working on her cameo role in 'Ugly Betty' that it broke in half.
She was given a crash course in softball for her part - and despite the minor hiccup she picked up the necessary skills speedily. Campbell heaped praise on the cast and crew and said she had had a "fantastic" time filming the show, which has been hugely popular on both sides of the Atlantic.
She joined 'Ugly Betty' star America Ferrera and other cast members, Becki Newton and Michael Urie, on a pitch to film the episode Jump, which will air on May 22.
Let's just hope they had sense enough to hide the cell phones and  high heels.  Lawd knows she doesn't need another lawsuit!

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