Mike Tyson, Jada Pinkett Smith, Kelly Rowland and Star Jones Do Cannes

Celebs are all the Buzz at the Cannes Film Festival

Mike Tyson showed up with 3 of his six children for the showing of his new biopic "Tyson" while Kelly  shows  Meagan Good that she  ain't the only chick that got leg. But that synthetic wig she is rockin' is not the business.  Leave the wigs alone Kelly!

Star Jones and Mrs. Will Smith, Jada Pinkett was there. While I normally would have something to say about Mrs. Starlett Jones, She has lost well over 200 lbs (albeit by surgical means) she can wear damn near anything she pleases. Don't matter if her titties sag or how old she is, let the lady flaunt her body since she is finally able to do so. I love the dress by the way!! Jada looks great, a little hard in the face, but great and that's a lot coming from me because I have never liked her!

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