Infamous "Souljah Girl" on the Train Arrested

Infamous "Souljah Girl on the Train" Arrested

25 year old Nafiza Iman Z. whom most have dubbed "Crazy Girl on the train" has been arrested. Turned in by her own mama. This isn't Nafiza's first bout with law enforcement as she apparently has had criminal contact dating back to 2003 charged with everything including Obstruction of officers, simple assault, disorderly conduct,simple battery,concealment and endagering propterty for security interest and Unlawful alteration, sale or exchange of token or transfer.
Apparently, her sister and her baby daddy called in to the V-103 on the Ryan Cameron show to defend their sister who apparently is Bipolar and hasn't been taking her meds.

Listen to what Sis and Baby Daddy had to say:

If your're not familiar with the iInfamous "SoulJah Girl" check out the video below:

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