Celebs Show Off Their Style (Or lack Thereof) At The Met Gala

"Superheroes: Fashion and Fantasy" Costume Institute Gala at The Metropolitan Museum
(who rocked it and who didn't)

 Bey has that pose down pat doesn't she? Dayum Bey.  Be Natural, You don't have to try so hard and whats with the squat? She looks like she could " drop down low and sweep the floor with it at any moment.  The Armani Gown is  gawgeous but low key plain on her, I'm just glad she decided to  forego the sequins for this event.

Janet and JD(who is strategically posed a step or two above Janet to compensate for his "short man syndrome"),  a very colorful Kimora, Bad Girl, Thandie, Mary J ( who demonstrates how tatts can ruin the look of even the fiercest of evening gowns two words Mary :  'Derma Blend"  Cover them tattoos up next time) and the HOT MESS which is Mary-Kate Olsen, also attended the gala event.

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