Reunited: Envogue at the 4th Annual Plymouth Jazz Fest.

En Vogue @ The 4th Annual Plymouth Jazz Festival Tobago

Cindy, Maxine, Dawn and Terri, the group known as "EnVogue" reunited Saturday night   to perform at the 4th Annual Plymouth Jazz Festival Tobago.  While they do look a bit older( they should be in their late 30's early 40's now) when I saw Maxine I was like WTF.   H.A.M.   I'm going to be nice and blame it on  the color choice of the extensions because I refuse to believe that she could age that badly.  She looks more like the mama of the group rather than a colleague.   Dawn must've come crawling back on bended knew because I'm sure you all saw the video where she talked much shyt on everyone.  I don't know if I could be as forgiving but anyway.  Glad to see them reunited and I hope they're back for good!  By the way, I'm lovin' Dawn's natural "Do".  ( She couldn't wait to take that phony pony off after the performance)
Noticeably absent is new member  Rhona Bennett who replaced Amanda Cole who was added to the group upon the exits of Maxine and Dawn.  lol)  Whoosahhhh!

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