Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes Caught with his Pants Down,errrr Off

Pittsburgh Steeler's Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes lets it all hang out and we do mean ALL

Pittsburgh Steeler Wide Receiver, Sanatanio Holmes was caught with his pants not only down, but  off as in Butt booty naked off! . When will folks learn that nude flicks and the internet do not mix? Santonia Holmes obviously didn't get the memo that "butt ass nakedness+camera of any kind=photos on the internet, in magazines and where ever else people are willing to pay for said photos."
He probably allowed some chick who had undoubtedly ridden his joystick into orgasmic bliss to bask in the afterglow and take photos while he showered. Kudos to her because now chicks can see what he has to offer before giving it the old taste test so to speak.   From what I can see, He has nothing to be ashamed about either.   It's about time too because I've had my fantasies crushed twice, Once with Lenny and the other with Brian. I was beginning to become jaded after having my dudes with big "d's" dreams, dashed one too many times(Not that Santonio would qualify as "big" in my book) but a girl could definitely work with it!  One chick, who had the opportunity to sample the goods before filing assault charges on him is his ex and Baby Mama, LaShae Boone, but what I really wanna know is Was it good!

Click on the Photo to see what Santonio is workin' with 
Warning: NSFW or for the  youngin's.    18+ only!

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