New Solage Promo Pics

Solange promo Pics

Solange's Album enteitiled " SoL-AngeL & The Hadley Street Dreams" Is set to be released August 26th.
"The video for “I Decided,” directed by the Melina, will offer the viewer a glimpse of who Solange, the visionary, really is: It is the ultimate pop art piece. Its psychedelic, it’s adventurous, it’s colorful and not so colorful, it’s intelligent, and it’s the inner makings of Solange.
“I love pop art; in fact I am a painter myself and have several pieces under my belt that I haven’t put on display but soon plan to.”
The “I Decided” video deals with pop culture from the 60s to the future. It displays SoL-AngeL in settings from American Bandstand, to the Civil Rights Movement, to New Wave, and finally a “Cosmic Journey” future."
She's upping her game in the style department. Let's just hope her album will be equally successful. she's no Beyonce' but I hapen to think that she sings well enough to make it. I know I wasn't the only one bouncin to "I'm Feeling you" Don't lie, ya'll know it was a catchy tune.

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