Lamman Rucker Seaks Out

Lamman Rucker Speaks Out

Whatever you think about Lamman Rucker, chances are it's true. Is he eye candy? Absolutely. Is he as intelligent and humble as some of the characters he plays? No doubt. But what you might be surprised to learn is that this Washington, D.C. native has a masters, can sing, speak Japanese and before becoming a full-time thespian had plans to attend law school. Fortunately, his book smarts didn’t compromise his creative spirit or keep him away from the big screen. Rucker's credits include All My Children, Half & Half, Why Did I Get Married?, just to name a few. This month, he plays Will, a successful doctor, in Meet the Browns, a romantic comedy about one hilarious, dysfunctional southern family who proves love truly does conquer all. caught up with Rucker to talk about his role, Jill Scott and why he'll always give back.

  I'd like to catch up with his ass. Umm Umm Umm the things I would do to this fine man! How did your Why Did I Get Married role come about?

Lamman Rucker: The initial project I worked on with Tyler was the television pilot for Meet the Browns in Fall 06. He told me he was working on something else that he thought I would be good for and it was Why Did I Get Married? And pray tell how Cupid has struck you. Rumor has it that you are currently dating your Why Did I Get Married? co-star Jill Scott?

L.R.: Ms. Scott—Jill—and I are just very good friends, nothing more So you’re telling all the ladies that you’re single?
L.R.: (Laughs) Yes, I’m single. Recently, footage of you and Toccara walking hand-in-hand surfaced on the web. Are you two an item?

L.R.: No, we’re just friends. I know exactly what you’re talking about. We were leaving an event that we both attended and I was being a gentleman and walking her and her friend to her car. Naturally, there are always going to be people waiting outside to try and see if they can make something out of nothing. Again, we’re just friends. There's nothing wrong with that. What’s the one thing a woman can do to send you running for the hills?

L.R.: A woman who is self-centered, can never see the positive and is selfish. Don’t get me wrong everyone has a right to self-preservation, but it really bugs me when a person is so self-consumed that they don’t care how it affects other people as long as her wants and needs are met. And please, I’m a patient man, but please don’t ever try to give me an attitude and run a guilt trip on me. Yeah, that’s not sexy at all. Well, your character in Married really proved that chivalry wasn’t dead. What are your thoughts about the portrayal of Black women in the media and hip-hop?

L.R.: Well right now hip-hop artists are such huge commodities so the film industry integrates them into film because of their draw. It allows studios to cross-promote an artist from the big screen to the soundtrack. Honestly, I have mixed feelings because hip-hop artists should have the right to pursue their interests as an actor. However, I don’t think they should be rewarded musically and given other opportunities if they are all about promoting poor examples of Black women across the globe. The images they portray of Black women severely misinform other cultures who listen to hip-hop and watch those videos about our women. It’s disappointing because of the respect and honor our Black women deserve. As a people, we have to be more accountable in our everyday language but especially artists who have a forum such as videos, radios and albums.


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  • tlt915
    May 3, 2008 at 8:55 AM  

    nigga know he lyin he know he dating the beautiful Jill Scott thats why he responded to it the way he did...he u look at his response about jill and tocarra you will see a major difference... Ms.Scott-jill- and i are VERY good friends... me and tocarra are just friends. come on now u got to read he know he jill scott Crown Royal on Ice

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