Jennifer Hudson at LAX

Leggings, Camel-Toe, Jacked Up Weaves: OH MY!!!

Jennifer Hudson was spotted at LAX looking less than Stellar committing the ultimate faux paux, leggings and camel-toe!!! Mercy!! I don't know about you but my mama always told me to look my best when traveling so I know J Hud knows better than that. What's wrong with a cute little top, some nice jeans and a fab pair of heels? Now I know you may be hopping a red eye or tired from a busy day and it's all too easy to skip "presentability" in lieu of comfort but there is never an excuse not to look decent. That doesn't mean you need to be dressed to the nines, hell a little nice jogging suit or some cute little lounge wear ... presentable yanno? Ummph, Ummph, Ummph, Girl NO!!!

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