Fadia Ward Putting these Negroes on Blast

Website Spotlight: "Daddy Don't Want Me.Com"

"Daddy Don't Want Me.Com" which is currently on the market to be sold, is the brain child of Fadia Ward who says
my mission is to uplift my people and I don't give a F*** who I offend in the process. Black people need to get out of that victim mentality. And start taking control of there Destiny.
Ms. Ward says that four men have become paying , involved fathers due to being blasted on her site, which by the way vows to show no favortism.
If one of my family members other half wants to post yall up it’s going up, if my baby daddies want to talk about me I’ll post, I’ll put my grand father, my dad, my son, know one is exempt.

Fatima says the website was born out of her anger and frustration with her childrens fathers as well as the court system and its refusal to enforce child support orders. Fatima wants to make it clear that it wasn't out of bitterness or sadness stating
Anyone who knows me , knows I love my black men and I mean them know harm, but it is my mission to rebuild broken homes by any means necessary.

FY!: If anyone wants to put their dead beat baby daddy on blast or "big up" them for handling their business, Be sure to check out: "Daddydontwantme.com"

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