Could a reconciliation be on the horizon for Kim and Diddy?

Three Words for KIM Porter: "DON'T DO IT!"

P. Diddy and his long time baby mama Kim Porter were spotted being Mobbed by the paparazzi while lunching at "Trilussa" in Beverly Hills. Could this mean that they are trying to reconcile? Lawd I hope not. Kim Girl, DON"T DO IT! Unless Diddy is ready to settle down and finally get you that ring , don't do it!. You know once you go back, it will be too easy to fall back into that same old routine and pretty soon, you'll be reading about him and someone else in the tabloids or worse yet, another babay mama on the horizon. Remember Sarah anyone? He was just talking about how marriage wasn't for him. Leave it alone KIm unless you like that kind of thing. Haven't you wasted enough years of your life on Mr. Diddy?

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