Chris Brown and Rihanna Out and About

Chris and Rihanna "The Best Friends" Spotted Again

Well what do you know, the "Best Friends" were spotted out and about again. Sound familiar? BeyonJay anyone? C'mon now Chris and Ri Ri...we all know ya'll are fuckin' but the best friends thing, I must admit that was brilliant. No one will question ya'll constantly being together because well, that's what best friends do...Don't they? Besides, Jordan Sparks, Chris' duet partner on their single "No Air" already blew up their spot anyway .(yeah, she's new to the business so she doesn't know, quite yet, to keep her mouth shut).

Jordan when asked if Chris and Rihanna were dating replied:
Yeah, they are. It was really cool because I walked on the set and she was sitting there with Chris Brown and I was like I can’t believe she’s here. She came and she told me that she loved “No Air”, and that it was one of her favourite songs. It was really cool hearing that from one of my peers. She just wanted to support him.

Jordan when asked if she was uncomfortable having to perform with Chris and having Rihanna on the set watching:

(laughs) It was hard at first, but then I said, ‘you know what? I have to work!’ It had to look like I was in love with him, so I had to do it. Hopefully she won’t kill me!! (laughs)

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