The Atlanta Ballet presents: "Big"

The Atlanta Ballet Presents "Big"

Janelle Monae assumes the position

"Big" is the world premiere collaboration between the Atlanta Ballet and hip-hop star Big Boi from OutKast. Big Boi says his goal with "Big" is simple::
"We want to bring the ballet audience and the funk generation together. The elegant and the dainty with the hard. And I know I can give them hard."

Much of the music in "Big" will be familiar to fans of OutKast, Janelle Monae, Sleepy Brown and others. But Patton has given the show a new song, titled "Sir Luscious Leftfoot Saves the Day," from the solo CD he's planning to release in July, titled "Sir Luscious Leftfoot — The Son of Chico Duffy.

"If you plan to checkout "Big" expect dancers in the aisles, audience members being pulled onstage and "La Traviata" segueing into "Morris Brown" from the "Idlewild" soundtrack. And through it all, Big Boi himself singing live onstage and interacting with the dancers.

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