Alicia Keys Better Watch out because Janet wants to Hit that!

Alica: Janet Wants You

Janet Jackson has admitted to harbouring a crush on Alicia Keys. The pop superstar has been dogged by rumours she's gay and bisexual for years and she admits she no longer cares. But, if she had to choose a female mate, she'd pick "Fallin'" hitmaker Alicia Keys.

She says:
"I would pick Alicia Keys, for sure. I think she's wonderful."
And, if she could pick out her next life, Jackson insists she'd come back as a man - and date a sex-changed Jermaine Dupri, her current partner. Says Janet:
"In my next life I'm going to come back as a guy and he's going to be my bitch."
Jackson is thrilled about her upcoming GLAAD Vanguard Award honour - because she's convinced it comes at a time when gay acceptance is better than ever.
The pop superstar will be honoured for her work as a gay rights advocate at the Gay + Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation's 19th Annual Media Awards in Hollywood on Saturday April 26.
"You still have discrimination. It's sad. It really is. But, I think, slowly but surely, it's getting better."
Janet, You ain't fooling nobody girl. Everybody and they mama know that you got a little freak in ya. We know that you and Jermaine are down for any and everything and with the rumors that have been plaguing Alicia for years, you might get your chance to Hit it!

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