HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop Fashion Show

HOT 97 Full Frontal Hip Hop Fashion Show

Wyclef was there

Busta done blewuptuated

Keyshia Cole was there, dog in tow, Love her!! and I'm lovin' the dark hair too!

Mario took a little time out from "Dancing With The Stars" ya'll should check him out, The boy has some moves!!

Cheri Dennis has got to do better Than this. C'mon girl... Up your game before heading out to events.

Bianca looks a little broke down but I see she is still rockin' the hell out of her TWA. Loves eet!!!

Nik looks nice

ANTM alums, Bianca and Nik were there

Bow Wow and Omarion

WTF? IS Omarion serenading Bow wow. Looks like Bow wow only got one thing on his mind..Hmmm look at what he is staring at?

The more I see the interactions between these two, coupled with the feminine mannerisms in that Bow wow video were he was wiggin about not getting respect, The more I'm thinking...GHEY!!

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