J Lo Marc and Their Newborns

J Lo , Marc and their Newborns
( yeah, I posted these before but they are so cute they deserve the spotlight once more! What?)

Awww congrats on the new bundles of joy! Little Max is looking just like his daddy!

I just never got an over whelming sense of Love from this couple. I always felt like she married him because
Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner. Oh well. They have been together for some time now and they are finally parents of two beautiful babies. Congratulations to them!

NOTE: Yes, I know you took the Angela Bassett photos off our site, Sweetheart they are readily available all up and through the internet. While I don't own the rights to them, I did do the work of finding them, I suggest you do the same and get them on your own girl or at least, link back to me if you are bold enough to jack! How do I know you didn't do the work as many sites have them posted. lol trust, I know who you are and your website but I will show some decorum, I suggest you do the same!

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  • Televisiontraci
    March 22, 2008 at 10:02 AM  

    Love the pictures of J.Lo and MArc, they are so beautiful. Babies just make everything better :)

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