Allen Iverson to be a Daddy One Mo' "Gin

Allen Iverson's Brood is Getting Bigger

We hear Congratulations are in order for Allen and his Wife Tawanna who is said to be expecting their 5th, yeah that's right, count 'em... 1,2,3,4,5, child together. 

Allen, stated that At 32, he's too old for the spectacle. "I've got four kids and one on the way. I'm the coach in that house," he said. "If I'm not setting a good example, then I'm failing as a father. That's the last thing I'd want to do is fail my kids." 

Granted, we aren't 100% sure that said baby is by his wife but knowing Tawanna's crazy ass, If he is saying it in public, it better be or she is liable to cut his dick off.

Juanita Bynum has Implants

Someone has had the audacity to mess with God's annointed. Yes Ya'll, someone has posted in excess of 70 pages worth of Mrs Bynum's, medical records and court informtaion pertaining to her alleged beat down by her man/ex man Bishop Thomas Weeks. 

Those record state that Mrs. Juanita Bynum has had breast augmentation surgery. Yeah, it could have been due to a  medical necessity but some how I doubt that. What I want to know is why one of God's "prophetessess" feels the need to buy herself some titty's? I surely hope she wasn't dippin' in the collection plate to fund her little venture of vanity.

Click HERE to see the report in its entirety. Warning: Be prepared to do a lot of scrolling for the surgical history.

Chris Brown Out And About

There may be hope for you who hope to get a piece of Chris.  He and Rihanna have both denied being in a relationship. I don't know about the relationship but he sho nuff is tappin' that.  We Also hear that Jordan Sparks, Who recently did a duet "No Air" With Chris has thrown her hat into the ring.  Jordan recently stated on Tyra that " Chris is her ideal man and she would have no problem getting with him because he is so cute".  Tyra promised to "hook that up"  We'll have to wait and see what happens.  Personally, I think he and Jordan would make a cute couple.  Plus Jordan seems more his speed.

Jlo and Marc Anthony with their Newborns

Awww congrats on the new bundles of joy! Little Max is looking just like his daddy!

I just never got an over whelming sense of Love fro this couple. I always felt like She married him because
Ben Affleck married Jennifer Garner. Oh well. They have been together for some time now and they are finally parents of two beautiful babies. Congratulations to them!

Thandie Newton at the "Run Fat Boy Run" Premier

She looks nice, could've done something with the hair.

Day 26 Visits MTV's " TRL"

~Yawn~  Nexttttttttt.......

Fergie Shows Off Her Baby Bump

Sheek Louch's "Silverback Gorilla" Album Release Party

What in the tattooed hell?

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