Guess who's going Incognito?

Bey, don't be trying to hide from the camera girl, It's a little too late for that.  You are a "Starrah" now and everybody and their mama knows that its you but what we really wanna know is ....Who you creepin' wit?

Halle and Gabe out and About

Halle and Gabe out shopping. I know she is past  ready to have that baby, She is about to pop any minute now. I know the baby will be a cutie!

Boris Kodjoe and Cynthia Bailey Birthday Party at Uptown Restaurant.

Boris is looking at her like : "Wait 'til I get you home, it' gone be on"


Mari Morrow looks gorgeous (lovin' the hair) while she is looking kind of old.

Lamon , Lamon, Lamon, *big sigh* The things I would do to you if given the oppotunity. 

Could Sanaa look any more bored? She could have at least pretended to be enjoying herself.


Madonna Inducted into The Hall Of Fame

Madonna's age is showing all over her face. She could stand a good teeth whitening procedure as well. Still love her!

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