Beyonce' Arriving at LAX

Bey seems mighty camera shy these days. She isn't smiling and cheesing it up for the camera like she used to.

Ashley Simpson Leaving a Hollywood Recording Studio

The red hair is starting to grow on me

Britney Out and About

Britt, Please lay low for a bit!, Stay off the scene(especially if it means that you will be wearing that ugly ass shirt) for a few months and allow people to miss you, I beg of you!!!!

Tip and Tiny's Easter Photo O

They have a beautiful family . Kizz loves the kids (and between the two of them , they have damn near a B Ball team) and I hate to say anything bad but King. ...Dayum he is living large about the head. I would've thought he would've grown into it by now. I'm still keeping hope alive.

Now Ti Knows good and well that he ain't cracked open a Bible in ages. He's only doing that for the photo op that tiny stated would be available after the services were over. Dang on shame. Is not even the Lord's house sacred?


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