Barack Obama Photo Shoot

I love this Photo. Beautiful

And this one!

An this one too!

Barack is Beautifully human and kind of sexy. How refreshing. YES WE CAN!

"Chrihanna" Gets Matching Tattoos

Chris Brown isn't one for small gestures.On February 11th he bought Rihanna two major pieces of Bling, including a $50,000 ruby and diamond pendant from Jason of Beverly Hills. Chris was like "I gotta have this" says the jeweler. Then there is the issue of the matching tattoos...Rihanna had hers first but it wasn't long before Chris followed suit last fall.
Hmm...wonder if a collabo is in the works. I love these two together and I hope they last.

The "Twiddy's" Are Growing Up

D'Lila Star and Jesse James (Kim and Diddy's Twins) are growing up. Aren't they the cutest little cherubs? Almost makes we want to birth some babies.

Nia Long Has A Younger Man

After quietly dating for months, Big Shots, star Nia Long is finally ready to let the world know that she is with actor Kevin Phillips - who's 13 years her junior. She was trying to keep it a secret but people were starting to figure it out, One clue was when the 24 year old actor moved into her LA home recently. Nia's friends have been telling her that there is nothing to be ashamed of and that she needs to live her life to the fullest, The 37 year old actress is slowly coming around

G'won Nia!!! There is nothing wrong with being a Cougar. Don't be ashamed girl. go on and get your groove back with your youngin'.

Ice-T and Coco Out and About

What in the silicon/saline hell is up with Coco's breastisis? As whorish as she appears to be, she did have a pretty nice shape (surgically enhanced as it may be) but this shit right here is ridiculous! This recent breast enlargement has made her look downright stupid. Ice needs to sit his old ass down somewhere and take his hoe with him or at least cover her up. The sad thing is she is actually a cute chick and doesn't need to go this route.

Snoop Dogg's "Ego Trippin" Album Release Party

Brought out some oldheads I see, Teddy Riley? DJ Quik?

Tom and Gisele at the opening of "Ermenegildo Zegna"

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