Kanye and Alexis Attend Stella McCartney's PFW Fall/ Winter

Yall know it is killing me but due to the death of Kanye's mother Donda, he gets a pass..... this time. Still I must say it. What in the Mars Blackmon, where is Waldo, Steve Urkel hell is up with Kanye and those glasses?

Kanye' just looks so sad in this photo and understandably so!

Janet "Discipline" Promo Pics

Janet looks great! She's what....41? 42? 43? and she still "got' it. Show them young bishes how it's done! If only she could actually sing ~big sigh~ Janet girl, just give it up and give JD some babies.

Bridget Moynahan "Vanity Fair" Photo Shoot

Take that Tom Brady!!

Rihanna in Barbados Candids

G'Won and deny it all you want but I knew CB was tappin' dat. I just hope Ri Ri don't hurt him

CHRIS: what you mean I can't get in VIP Ri RI is my gilr yo. Don't you know who I am?

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