Fan gets freaky with Usher at show

Tameka better Watch Her Man as a Fan Gets A Little Freaky With Usher On Stage

Usher took his performance to a whole 'nother level earlier this week when he pulled a fan onstage with him while he performed his hit song. "Superstar". Usher poured the lucky fan a glass of champagne and then fed her. He later allowed the lucky gal to grind and bump and hump all over him. The fan , who definitely wasn't shy, decided to take advantage of her opportunity and even take it a little further and and show him her skills when her head went dangerously low into his lap . Now I'm all for giving the fans what they want and putting on a great show but dayum. We all heard the rumors of the breakup with Tameka but you do have another baby on the way and youl are not divorced YET! If it were me and Usher was my man, My azz would've been all over that stage and that chick. how dare she try to push up on my bank roll, I mean man!

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