Drew Berrymore Out and About

Drew is getting her errands done early in the morning

Britney Spears takes in a Laker game

She's looking better. Hopefully Rehab has worked. Now all she needs to do is get her ass back into the studio and record a new joint

Nickelodeon's 20th Annual Kid's Choice Awards

Rihanna looks cute here once you get past her 5 head

The Simmons Family was there. Diggy is going to be a heart breaker once he becomes legal

Keke Palmer and Tyler James Williams were there. They are both adorable.

Ummm NEXT!!!! lol

Neicy Nash and her family were there. She needs to retire the big ass flowers from both her and her daughter's hair. There is such a thing as too much ya know?

Ashley Simpson at Parc in Hollywood

Surgery did wonders for her. She's looking great here, much better than her sister Jessica
(I'm secretly digging the knee socks)

Tiny and TI

Too bad they are no longer a couple. Tiny needs to be at home resting and taking it easy, not to mention the fact that she needs to put on some looser jeans. Ya gots to let it breathe Tiny

TI needs to put his shirt back on. No one is checking for his little bird chest. His ass looks like he hasn't even gone through puberty yet.

Tyra Banks Out and About

She looks nice here but i'm not feeling the outfit. Maybe it's the patterns.

Grace Jones t painter "Andy's" Exhibit

She's still a bad bish, look at her, she hasn't aged a bit!!! Strange' Strange'!!!

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