Shana's Birthday bash at Famous Party at Cameo
They are back in love

Who knew shana was preggers agan. check out her baby bump

I love them together but I'm not diggin shana's new look
If she don't watch out I make have to take him. Travis barker

Halle Berry Photshoot

Show 'em how its done Halle. she looks Gorgeous

Tocarra photoshoot

Tocarra needs to take a lesson from Halle on how to take classy yet sexy photos because these pics are not the business(unless she is posing for a skin/flick mag)
She looks a little out of it too. Can we say Just say NO!

Rihanna "Vibe" out takes

Rih Rih looks cute, a little "grown" for her age but cute none-the-less
Did she grow some breastisis or are they compliments of the plastic surgeon?

Kelly Rowland Promo pic

Since getting out from underneath Beyonce's shadow, Kelly can really shine
She looks great here

Eduardo Lucero's Fall 2007 collection in LA

Tatyana AlLi was there, I wonder what she's been up to

Nicole and Paris on the set of "The Simple Life"

I must admit I have watched the show a time or two

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