Oakley Women's Eyewear Launch Party

Meagan Goode going retro, bringing back the big trunk name plate earrings

Christina milian looks lovely sans the shoes. The wedges throw off her look.

Meagan and David Banner were there

Zoe Saldana looks like she'd rather be someplace else. Can we at least feign happiness Zoe, you are being photographed you know.

Mos Def looking absolutely scrumptious(all I need is 5 minutes with him, just 5) *lip lick* and Lil' Jon looking like WHAAAAT? Yayyyyahhhh!

Golden Brooks just looks UUUH! She trys but just can't seem to get it quite right

Meagan, christina and LC (of Laguna Beach and the Hills) what more can I say, cuties

Christina Aguilera's Air Canada Centre Performance

Christina putting it down for the masses

Nick Cannon's Wild-N-Out Season 4 Kick Off Party

Nick and his main squeeze Selita Ebanks, They appear to be joined at the hip these days.

Halle Berry at "Perfect Stranger" Photocall in Madrid

Absolutely stunning!!! old pretty heffa (yes I am in hater mode teehee!)

Jennifer Hudson Candids at LAX

I know she doesn't have on sweat socks and house shoes/slippers on, gold at that.
Anyway, I guess she gets a pass because she is traveling and wants to be comfortable but I was taught to always dress to impress when traveling, especially by plane.

You'se a starrah now gurl.

Halle and her Model Boyfriend Gavin candids

It should be a crime for two people to look that fine. Apparently, all it took for Halle took for Halle to find love was her to leave the brothas alone. ( Kizz still got love for ya'll though)*wink*

America's next Top Model Winner Naima

Naima is looking a hot ass mess as per her usual (and to think that I was actually rooting for her too) I know she and her twin sister had issues and such but I hope she isn't taking her cue from, Brittany Spears and following in her footsteps. And WTF is that on her ear? Looks like some type of Fungus. She needs to ditch those earrings as soon as she gets home

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