Whitney and Ray J attend a private Party in Vegas

They can deny it all they want, but these too are definitley doing the nasty

Bobby smootching it up with a mystery girl

Hmm ....She's a really cute girl, how does he keep getting these women?

Bobby's down and out crackhead routine is apparently working
as this girl is giving him a kiss
I just have one word for this girl: RUUUUUNN

6th Annual NBA Wives Luncheon

Maya looks gorgeous
(I simply refuse to believe that she is "out there" like that)

Kerri Washington and Victoria Rowell looking fabulous
(Kerri is a gorgeous girl but she has one of the ugliest mouth I've ever seen)

Bey and Jay at the All-Star Game

I love them together but Jay could at least act like he's happy to be there

Kevin Liles 2nd Annual All Star Brunch

I wonder what has Jay in stitches

Solange , Tip, and Star
(what the hell is Star's old ass doing with the youngin's?)

Bey and Oprah's BFF Gayle King along with Solange and TI, her new man
(I joke I joke, but see how easy it is to start a rumor)
( *I repeat, Solo and TI are not an item*)

Looks lIke Russel is trying to Woo Bey lol

Bey looks Gorgeous as usual

Brit gets a Tattoo

I'm not going to even pretend to know what is going on with this chick but her eyse say it all
She looks sad and depressed. I will give her the benefit of the doubt though
and say she chopped off her hair due to damage.
(have you seen the way her hair was looking pre chop, her hairline was so far back she was begining to look like one of those asian men in the old school karate flicks)

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