The Original "Dream Girl" puts in an appearance

Jennifer Holiday performing at the Preston Bailey launch Party

I don't care what ya'll say, the fact that Jen wasn't included in the Dream Girls movie did
a number on her. Look at her, she's looking crazy as hell in these pics.( peep the last one) Now either she is still pissed and plotting her revenge on the cast and crew or she's had a little too much Botox!

Tyra has a message for the masses
Tyra's message for all of the folks focusing on her weight gain is:
That's right folks, Tyra said on her talk show today that she has only gained 10 pounds and not 40, as has been previously reported. She's tired of being made to feel like she has to be stick thin and if ya'll don't like it,
you know what you can do! Go Tyra !! haha, (Personally I think you should've just let it go, you're retired, you eat, you gain weight. NEXT!)

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