Shar Jackson gets it nipped and tucked

It's not everyday you get to see a TV star going under the knife. But only INSIDE EDITION was invited to join Shar Jackson as she heads to the operating room for cosmetic surgery.

Shar starred along with Brandy on Moesha, and she's also the mother of Kevin Federline's two older kids.

Now she's excited about getting a nip/tuck. Just three months ago Shar looked gorgeous on the red carpet. But under the clothes her stomach is covered with loose skin and stretch marks.And after having four children, her chest also has lost its youthful shape.

So now doctor Ghada Afifi is giving Shar a tummy tuck and a breast lift. "There's nothing wrong with perky breasts," Shar said with a smile. Before surgery, Shar's doctor marked up where she'll make the incisions, assuring Shar the scars will barely be visible.

As Shar heads into surgery, she told INSIDE EDITION she was anxious. But two hours later, the amazing results are already apparent - Shar's stomach is smooth and flat."We got rid of a lot of skin, a lot of stretch marks," Dr. Afifi said.

After surgery a limo picked up a groggy and swollen Shar to take her to the "recovery retreat" center in Orange County where she'll rest in luxury. Ten days later when INSIDE EDITION checked in on Shar, she was still wearing bandages and needs another month to recover but already her new figure is taking shape."I'm happy and I think it's going to be amazing," Shar said. It takes about six weeks to recover from the surgery. And her doctor said the total is around $16,000.

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