Did Brit go postal on the ex?

In celeb photographer Steven Klein's latest exhibit at the National Portrait Gallery, Kevin Federline gets his throat slashed!

Klein likes to “deconstruct” not only what we expect from the particular subject but also the notion of what a portrait is.

He says the National Portrait Gallery initially balked from exhibiting arguably his most shocking picture — Kevin Federline, Britney’s ex, with his throat slashed — but “to me, a portrait is a representation of a person and a slash across a throat is the equivalent of a brushstroke”.

It wasn’t a big deal for Federline to appear like this, says Klein nonchalantly. “It’s like a classical painting. The slash, the make-up, is a mask that reveals who the person is. For me, the break in the skin shows that all portraits are lies. To see through the skin is to see someone’s reality.” The violence of the picture is made more intriguing when you consider what happened to Federline next: dumped by Spears and fast-tracked to public enemy number one.

Ciara on the cover of Vibe

For some odd reason, I'm diggin' the shoes. They're different

Michelle Rodriguez

Sporting the latest in fashion accessories for the ankle.
(isn't she on house arrest? Could she be in a ruch to get home before the popo notices she's gone?)

Macy Gray By Giuliani Bekor
She looks lovely here(who said that?)
Love that coat dress and, color and style

Go too girl, Kim Kardashian, on the cover of complex Magazine

So that's all it takes to get a mag cover
(she's a very beautiful girl, someone needs to tell her she ain't gotta be a ho to kick it

Martin Lawrence and Bow wow taking in a Lakers Game

Yup, he still has those big ass ears!

Aubrey O'Day looking a H.A.M at her Birthday Party

Aubrey, a Tara reid/Nicole Ritchie in the making

Aubrey needs a makeup artist, hair stylist, and stylist stat

( this girl is in desperate need of a make-over)

Is this the same Aubrey who was crying about how Pretty, she was ?
(she's obviously delusional)

What's with the 1950's prom dress and the summer, cork heeled wedgies?

Aubrey looking like a raccoon about the eyes

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