Who's "off-spring" is this?

That's right! None other than the gloved one himself Prince Michael 1 and 2 and Paris.

(Lawd a' mercy Please tell me that child isn't wearing a long black wig)

Random Celebs

Fantasia (I see she still hasn't gotten that much needed stylist)

Lovas..ummm I mean father and son, Weezy and The Bird Man

Bey and The Queen of Hip Hop Soul MaryJ

Akon profilin'

Bow Wow trying to get his grown man on. He cleans up nicely!

Sienna Still out and about in just pantyhose and drawz
(Diddy, we know you want a keepsake from your late night creep with Sienna but will you please give this ho her skirt back because this look is not gonna get it)

Let me see ya Grill, ya ya ya grill

Looks like Luda got his grill fixed. (Peep the before and after of the teeth)
let's hope Diddy,Fabolous and the gentleman above, jump on the bandwagon )

Celebs at the AmFar Gala

Bey looking gorgeous

Eve looking Fab (she stepped up her game significantly since the Rough Riders days)

Love the gown!

Later dahlings,

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