Bey Does L A

She look great as usual. Love the jacket!

Cassie Photo Shoot

What is Cassie going for here?

She's such a beautiful girl. Lovin' this hair color on her

Drew Barrymore At The Premiere of Music & Lyrics

She looks good here. I love the style of the dress but it would look so much better without the print(flower/leaves)

It's Mary's time to shine!

Mary J ablige getting her performance on
(she can't sing all that great but people seem to love her)

Various Grammy Award Festivities

Wow! MaAster P and Lil' Romeo striking a pose
(Master P couldn't deny him if he tried, romeo is the spitting image of his daddy)


Neyo is starting to look a little better
Whatchu think?

Jazzy Pha and John Legend.
Dayum they give guitars away at the grammy gift tent?

Rih Rih ( who copped her a nice bag)and Ciara look great

My girl Corrine is all dat!, Uncoifed hair, no make-up (as in the second pic)and all, she's absolutely adorable. Love Her

The Girls Come out to "Celebrate Mary" Hosted By The Smiths

Garcelle looking gorgeous as usual
Love the shoes, but the dress looks shapeless from the side

Vivica forever in surprise mode. She's starting to look like a mannequin

Jada looks stunning

Mary, The guest of honor looks divine. This color looks great on her
The tatts ruin the look, (ladies, cover the visible tatts up at formal functions!!! )
where's Kendu?

Beyonce' on the cover of "Max" magazine

Brit In NYC

Complete with thong and all

She looks happy but something is obviously going on with Ms Spears


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